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Hotel SPA hotel Select
Unique brand new - the hotel is located above a residential part of town Velingrad - Spa center of the Balkans. With wonderful panoramic views of the city and surrounded by ever green...
room 2 beds: 51
phones for booking - Hotel SPA hotel Select, Velingrad
Hotel Grand Hotel Bansko
Grand Hotel Bansko offers a variety of opportunities for an unforgettable holiday to its guests. With its tavern offering daily live music, disco (the Club), a strip bar, SPA center,...
room 2 beds: 74
phones for booking - Hotel Grand Hotel Bansko, Bansko
Hotel Perun and Platinum Casino
Hotel Perun, Bansko is proud of its four stars, which situate it among the prestigious places to rest in the ski resort. The hotel is situated on the exit of Bansko, 160 kilometers...
room 2 beds: 100
phones for booking - Hotel Perun and Platinum Casino, Bansko
Hotel Park Hotel Asenevtsi
Asenevtsi Park Hotel is situated a few hundred meters from Velchova Zavera square near Veliko Tarnovo downtown. The newly founded at the end of 2015 hotel complex is a lovely quiet...
room 2 beds: 41
phones for booking - Hotel Park Hotel Asenevtsi, Veliko Tarnovo
House Zlateya
Guest house Zlateya is located in the cultural Bulgarian Madara village, which is very close to the world famous rock relief Madara Rider. The house itself was built in modern stile...
room 2 beds: 36
phones for booking - House Zlateya, Madara
Hotel Bio Farm &  Hotel Moravsko
“Moravsko Selo” complex started working in 2007, when bio and eco were not commonly used words, and producing your own food was considered quite a lonely occupation. On an area of 14...
room 2 beds: 29
phones for booking - Hotel Bio Farm &  Hotel Moravsko , Razlog
Hotel Orbel Spa
Surrounded by Pirin, Rila and Rhodope Mountains, located at 850 meters altitude, Dobrinishte town combines the best of winter and summer sports. Beautiful scenery, ski slopes, organized...
room 2 beds: 51
phones for booking - Hotel Orbel Spa, Dobrinishte
Hotel Primea Boutique
Sunbeds on the beach! You are tired of the long dark winter? Gray mood. Dreaming of true relaxation on the beach! Rest in the true sense of the word. Live your dreams with us! This...
room 2 beds: 35
phones for booking - Hotel Primea Boutique, Tsarevo
Hotel Casa Karina
Apart hotel & SPA “Casa Karina” Bansko Situated in the heart of Pirin Mountain “Casa Karina” with pleasure want to invite you for an unforgettable holiday, as you can attempt attractive...
room 2 beds: 103
phones for booking - Hotel Casa Karina, Bansko
Hotel Golden Dunes Aparthotel
Golden Dunes is an elegant apartment hotel located in a close proximity to the resort town of Primorsko and the estuary of Dyavolska Reka (Devil's River). The complex is situated...
studio 4 beds: 21
phones for booking - Hotel Golden Dunes Aparthotel, Primorsko