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HotelLarge-scale establishments that provide paid lodging, usually on a short-term basis. Hotels often have a number of additional guest services. The class of the hotel depends on the extras it offers and it ranges from 1 to 7 stars.
Family hotelThey contain many of the features of the traditional hotels, but are smaller and not so luxurious. Usually run by a family or a group of families - they guarantee friendly and familiar atmosphere.
HouseThey fully furnished and sometimes provided with extras like swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzis etc. Villas are usually situated in the country nearby towns and cities. Rented as a whole.
ApartmentThey are usually situated in blocks of apartments, estates, family houses or private homes. They offer most of the facilities that a home is supposed to have (bedrooms, kitchen, telephone, internet, parking-lot, etc.). Rented as a whole.
BungalowBungalows are single-storey houses. They are usually situated near beaches, natural parks or mountainous woodlands and offering their dwellers a calm and enjoyable stay in nature. Rented as a whole.
Separate roomThey are always parts of bigger living structures, like houses, blocks of apartments or private cooperation buildings. Landlords / landladies as well as other tourists could be living in the room next door.