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Hotel White house
The hotel welcomes guests all year round for 20 years. On the beach with beautiful sea view in the old part of the city. The beach is minutes away. The rooms are furnished with...
room 2 beds: 15
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Hotel Interhotel Pomorie
Picturesquely situated above the sea, the 3-stars Pomorie hotel complex bearing the name of one of the oldest towns on the Black sea coast, was founded in the 4th century BC with the...
room 2 beds: 26
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Hotel Apart hotel Iglika
Aparthotel Iglika is a newly built facility on the beach in the town of Pomorie, close to the Raya beach. It offers studios, one-bedroom apartments standard and deluxe, and standard...
studio 3 beds: 31
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Hotel Мarina Holiday Club
Marina Holiday Club is a new 4-star luxurious complex. Located at the entrance of the town of Pomorie, only 200 meters away from the beach, in a region where you find a beautiful combination...
apart. 2 beds: 48
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Hotel Viva Beach
Viva Beach - the small bijou of Pomorie town! You pay less for what you get. And what you get is one unforgettable holiday. If you like the shallow water of the south beach, healthy...
room 2 beds: 31
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Hotel Saint George
room 2 beds: 51
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Hotel Peneka
Hotel Peneka is located in the old part of Pomorie. We offer to our guests apartments king-size bed + 2 single beds - cable television, refrigerator, private bathroom + WC, air-conditioner; king-size...
room 2 beds: 18
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Hotel Pomorie Residence
apart. 4 beds: 36
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Hotel Rodos House
room 2 beds: 13
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Hotel Electra
Situated a 100 m from the center of the Bulgarian sea town Pomorie, Electra is a welcoming and cozy hotel. For our guests we provide accommodation in 15 rooms and 3 suites. Each of...
room 2 beds: 26
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Hotel Helios
studio 4 beds: 41
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Hotel Sofia
Family Hotel Sofia offers 16 double rooms with private balconies. The restaurant serves Bulgarian and international cuisine. All rooms of Hotel Sofia have access to free Wi-Fi...
room 2 beds: 21
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Hotel Festa Pomorie Resort
Festa Pomorie Resort is located on the south beach of the town. Pomorie, one of the oldest resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The complex is - the new five-star complex in...
room 2 beds: 58
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Hotel Incognito
room 2 beds: 56
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Hotel Salt Lake
Apart-hotel Salt Lake is located only 50 meters from the beach and just 100 meters from the Municipality Pomorie. The good location makes it attractive both in summer and in winter...
room 2 beds: 21
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Hotel Botabara del Mar boutique
room 2 beds: 36
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Hotel Apart Complex Penelope Palace
room 2 beds: 66
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Hotel Grand Hotel Pomorie
room 2 beds: 126
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Hotel Gardenia Palace
Gardenia Palace complex is situated on the unique natural isthmus of the Pomorie peninsula, in the heart of the biggest Black Sea coast bay – Bourgas Bay. At the mouth of the narrow...
apart. 4 beds: 50
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Hotel St.Peter & St.Pavel
The hotel offers the coziness of a 3 star hotel on the central sea shore of the town of Pomorie. Our idea and expectations are to make your holiday an unforgettable experience, as well...
room 2 beds: 44
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