Terms of use of BgStay


Here are stated the terms of use of the websitesite Bgstay.com, called henseforth BgStay. If, by any reason, you do not agree with the terms of use of BgStay, please leave the website. Any use of BgStay is considered as your agreement to the terms of use. BgStay reserves its right to change the terms of use, without preliminary warning.

Use of content

  • BgStay gives you the right to use the content of this site for personal use, with non-commercial purpose.
  • The content of BgStay is property of BgStay and/or of its partners, providers and clients. You cannot sell, modify, distribute or show this content, with public or commercial purpose, under any form.
  • The published contacts of rentiers and their representatives, can be used solely in agreement to the terms of use. You agree not to use those contacts оn any other occasion, including, but not only, marketing and advertising purposes.


BgStay does not assume responsibility of controlling the content of the advertisements and is not a mediator in the relationships of rentiers and those seeking accommodation. Despite the efforts of BgStay to guarantee the authenticity of the data and rentiers, it is not always possible. We hope, that you will carefully pay attention when using the published information.

Other terms of agreement

  • BgStay does not assume responsibility for the correctness, actuality and certainty of the content.
  • BgStay does not assume responsibility for the site not being available all the time and for working without technical problems.
  • BgStay does not assume responsibility for missed benefits and/or inflicted damages as consequences to its use.
  • In case of inaccurate translation, the Bulgarian version of the terms of use is in force.

Cookie Policy

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  • Third parties Cookies: The site uses the systems of third parties from which statistical information systems (eg Google Analytics), advertising platforms (such as Google AdWords and Google AdSense), and social applications (such as those of Facebook). These systems can also place cookies on your device and more information about them can be found in the terms and conditions of each of these systems.
  • Bgstay.com doesn't store personal information in cookies.