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Hotel - apartments Diamond
Diamond is your place to relax in the heart of Kiten /behind City Hall Kiten /, 100 meters from the southern beach. Diamond hotel consists of boutique apartments with air conditioning.
room 2 beds: 23
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Hotel Neo
Neo Resort is sited in Kiten. Located 200 meters from the beach. The unique combination of forest and sea air makes the complex an exceptional place for individual, family and children...
room 2 beds: 19
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Hotel Elite
Family house Elite is located in the town of Kiten, 300 meters from the south beach near the town hall and the police. The house offers its guests single, double, triple rooms and...
room 2 beds: 18
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Hotel Energy
The hotel complex Energy is built 50 meters from the southern beach /just next to the stairs, which will lead you there/. It has 18 double rooms and 3 suits. Each of them have a toilet,...
room 2 beds: 31
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Hotel Sunday
In the sun and cozy Black Sea town of Kiten is situated Fmily Sandey hotel - situated on the first line with a sea view from almost every room. The hotel offers: double rooms with...
room 2 beds: 28
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Hotel Biser
room 2 beds: 13
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Hotel Vili
Hello dear friends. Summer has come and it's time to relax at sea. And where is the best? The sunny Kiten and the guest house Vili. The house offers a total of 15 rooms - double,...
room 2 beds: 10
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Hotel Kiten Palace
room 2 beds: 46
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Hotel Lotos
The newly built Lotos Hotel is situated only 2 minutes away from Atliman bay. The hotel offers to the guests double, 3 triple luxury rooms with additional bed and 3 flats. They are...
room 2 beds: 21
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Hotel Emerald
room 2 beds: 15
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Hotel Kremikovci
room 2 beds: 16
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Hotel Svetlina
Hotel Svetlina provides accommodation for 60 people. The hotel is located in the town of Kiten, Bourgas district, about 50 m away from the North beach, known as Atliman, and about 400...
room 2 beds: 17
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Hotel Neva
room 2 beds: 50
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Hotel Continental 9000
Among the numerous Kiten hotels there is a special place where you can have an unforgettable sea vacation- hotel Continental. It is situated at the sea coast and is the ideal place...
room 2 beds: 30
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Hotel Teos
Teos is one of the few hotels situated at the very shore of the Atliman beach. Stepping out of the hotel, you feel the gentle sand beneath you while the breathtaking view of the pastoral...
room 2 beds: 21
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Hotel Radis
Hotel Radis is situated in the very near on the main street of Kiten. The Central beach and Kiten's port are only a few steps away while the library is right in front of the hotel....
room 2 beds: 21
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Hotel Briz
Breeze Hotel offers some of the best prices in the resort. The hotel has a cozy restaurant. Breeze Hotel is located near the bus station /60 meters/ of Kiten in the quiet street...
room 2 beds: 15
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Hotel Elmar
Elmar Hotel is located in the town of Kiten, 100 meters from the beach Atliman. Situated on a quiet street in a green, a large garden with outdoor pool. Nature around, the outside...
room 2 beds: 51
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Hotel Phoenix
Lodgings Bureau of Kiten offers its guests accommodation in a very pleasant hotel, furnished with much taste and care for clients. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning. The...
room 2 beds: 19
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Hotel Europa
room 2 beds: 21
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