43 Hotels in Kiten, Bulgaria

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Hotel Queen Nelly Park
Queen Nelly Park Hotel is the newest all inclusive hotel. It is located in the town of Kiten in immediate vicinity of Atliman North Beach. The hotel features modern architecture and...
room 4 beds: 72
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Hotel Lazur
Family hotel Lazur** is located in the center of Kiten /to the summer cinema/ equidistant from the beach /5 minutes walk /. Lazur Hotel was built in 2000 and everything in it is consistent...
room 2 beds: 21
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Hotel Maria
Hotel Maria is situated in the beautiful village of Kiten, south of Burgas. The hotel is situated in oak forest, 50 meters away from the beach of Atliman - the most beautiful beach...
room 3 beds: 38
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Hotel Kiten Beach
room 2 beds: 41
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Hotel Park 1
The fourth floor hotel Park1 is situated in the seaside town Kiten. The hotel is part of the complex Park and is less than 30 m from the beach. For our guests we provide accommodation...
room 2 beds: 21
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Hotel South Beach
Situated in the heart of Kiten, South Beach hotel is at only 200 meters from the bus station and at 300 meters from the beach. The hotel offer 21 rooms with bathroom and WC, refrigerator,...
room 2 beds: 26
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Hotel Ariana
In season 2014 the All Inclusive system is introduced in the Ariana hotel. At your disposal are the hotel's main restaurant, with its two indoor areas and spacious summer terraces,...
room 2 beds: 51
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Hotel Eos
EOS hotel is situated only 300m from the beach and offered 60 beds in 18 rooms and 4 apartments, luxury furnished. They are equipped with refrigerators, cable TV and telephone. Guests...
room 2 beds: 18
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Hotel Onyx
Dear guests, we have the pleasure to present you our special services – outdoor jacuzzi area in the pool, water cascade – a new hydro-leisure element for a neck massage, sauna - free,...
room 2 beds: 33
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Hotel Rilena
Kiten is situated there, where the age woods of Strandja Mountain reach the seashore of Black see. Kiten is to the South of Varna, 60 kilometers to the South of Burgas,...
room 2 beds: 26
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Hotel Princess Residence
PRINCESS RESIDENCE HOTEL is located in a pretty Bulgarian city – Kiten, on the seaside in the warm and quiet Atliman bay. The sea view shades from woodland to seascape. The beach virginity...
room 2 beds: 37
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Hotel Kamenets
Hotel Kamenec is situated in Atliman - a picturesque bay in Kiten, 60km south of Burgas. The complex is located on the front line of the north beach. It is modern architecture and...
room 2 beds: 85
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Hotel Avenue
Family Hotel Avenue is built to meet all modern requirements and has been luxury renovated in 2019. It is located on a quiet and peaceful street near an oak forest, the south beach...
room 2 beds: 15
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Hotel Dodo Beach
The two-floor hotel section has one apartment, 21 double rooms, with the possibility of installing an additional bed. All rooms are furnished in accordance with the requirements of...
room 2 beds: 72
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Hotel Sigma
Sigma Hotel**** has been founded in the summer of 1998 in Kiten. It is situated very close to the bay of Atliman. Sigma Hotel has at its client disposal sports center, swimming pool,...
room 2 beds: 46
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Hotel Kremikovci
room 2 beds: 37
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Family hotel Eos II
EOS hotel is situated only 300m.from the beach and offered 87 beds in 24 rooms end 6 apartments luxury furnished.They are equipped with refrigerators, cable TV, cable internet and...
room 2 beds: 18
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Family hotel Lotos
The newly built Lotos Hotel is situated only 2 minutes away from Atliman bay. The hotel offers to the guests double, 3 triple luxury rooms with additional bed and 3 flats. They are...
room 2 beds: 31
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Family hotel Albatros
Hotel Albatros is situated in the center of Kiten on equal distances from the south beach and one of the best beaches on Black sea coast - Atliman. The hotel offers 8 rooms and...
room 2 beds: 18
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Family hotel Rai
Family house Rai offers double, triple rooms and apartments. Each has a private bathroom, minibar, TV, air conditioning, Wi-Fi internet and a large terrace overlooking the sea and all...
room 2 beds: 23
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