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Sea tourismThe Bulgarian coast is washed by the Black Sea – a 380 km marvelous stretch of beaches with calm and clear waters and healthy air, fine golden sand and natural dunes, mineral water springs, blue flag winning resorts, holiday villages and campsites.
Mountain tourismIf you search for extreme experiences like trekking, mountain biking, hiking or cave exploring, or just crave for some time away from the big city then come and discover the spirit of the Bulgarian mountains. Follow the "call of the wild" and enjoy the unique atmosphere they offer!
Rural tourismMany Bulgarian villages have preserved their traditional appearance and genuine spirit. Situated in environmentally clean regions they open their doors with hospitality to those who are willing to explore the rich Bulgarian traditions and folklore, delicious and varied local cuisine and preserved old crafts.
Cultural tourismYou can really enjoy your stay in Bulgaria, a country with dramatic history and traditions that have lasted for centuries, by exploring its rich folklore. Don't be afraid to dive into the atmosphere of long lost civilizations - they will surely leave you fascinated with their mysterious reality!
Urban tourismThe rapid development of the Bulgarian cities has evoked the development of the urban tourism in the country. So if you are craving for the chaotic big city life, sleepless nights and busy streets, do not hesitate to take a city break and explore the cultural and night life in the larger cities. Their dynamic atmosphere and diversity won't leave you disappointed!
SPA tourismThe Bulgarian spa resorts are located in very favorable climatic regions, providing the exceptional possibility of combining balneotherapy with climatic treatment. The enormous wealth of natural factors, together with the country's modern hotels and spa facilities, provide excellent possibilities for the year-round effective treatment of health problems.
Eco tourismIf you are willing to explore new areas of natural or ecological interest or to observe and learn more about the environment and wildlife Bulgaria with its unique flora and fauna is the place to spend some time lost in the embrace of nature.
Ski tourismDiverse ski runs for beginners and experts and facilities for skiing tourism and winter sports are on offer in the mountains of Rila, Pirin, the Rhodopes, Vitosha, and the Balkan Range. The ski season duration is up to 190 days.