37 Hotels in Pamporovo, Bulgaria

All hotels in Pamporovo, Bulgaria with prices, phones, photos, stars, descriptions, addresses and locations on the map. 37 hotels in Pamporovo.
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Hotel Spa Hotel Orpheus
room 2 beds: 118
phones for booking - Hotel Spa Hotel Orpheus, Pamporovo
Hotel Mursalitsa Hotel
Hotel Mursalitsa is located at the resort of Pamporovo at 1700 meters above the sea level, in a quiet location, very close to Studenets ski center and ski slope № 6. The hotel offers...
room 2 beds: 81
phones for booking - Hotel Mursalitsa Hotel, Pamporovo
Hotel Snezhanka
Snezhanka hotel is situated in the center of Pamporovo resort, overviewing the magnificent Rhodopi mountain. Beautiful and clean nature, huge variety of opportunities for active holiday...
room 2 beds: 56
phones for booking - Hotel Snezhanka, Pamporovo
Hotel Prespa
room 2 beds: 72
phones for booking - Hotel Prespa, Pamporovo
Hotel Sunny Hills Ski and Wellness
Sunny Hills Ski and Wellness – the new jewel in Pamporovo. It is located in the center of the resort nearby to the ski center Studenetz – around 400 meters of lift station Studenetz–Snejanka...
room 2 beds: 144
phones for booking - Hotel Sunny Hills Ski and Wellness, Pamporovo
Hotel Niken
Hotel Niken is a brand new hotel opened in December 2021, located 50 m from Ski centre 2 Malina, in the mountain resort Pamporovo as well as located in an extremely peaceful place,...
room 2 beds: 117
phones for booking - Hotel Niken, Pamporovo
House Vila Carpe diem Pamporovo
villa 2 beds: 102
phones for booking - House Vila Carpe diem Pamporovo, Pamporovo
Hotel Chudnite mostove
Hotel Chudnite mostove is located in the center of the village of Zabardo and is the closest hotel to the beautiful and picturesque landmark Chudnite mostove. The hotel has a total...
room 2 beds: 70
phones for booking - Hotel Chudnite mostove, Zabardo
Hotel Vlasov
Situated in the heart of the ski resort Pamporovo, at an altitude of 1700 meters and just 150 meters away from the ski slopes, Hotel Vlasov is the ideal spot for your winter getaway....
room 2 beds: 77
phones for booking - Hotel Vlasov, Pamporovo
Hotel Forest Nook
Apart-hotel Forest Nook is a four-season holiday complex, located on the southeast side of sunny Pamporovo. Expressly designed for a natural place for holiday and entertainment among...
room 2 beds: 62
phones for booking - Hotel Forest Nook, Pamporovo
Hotel RaikovSki Lodge
apart. 4 beds: 103
phones for booking - Hotel RaikovSki Lodge, Pamporovo
Apartment Studio Yana
apart. 2 beds: 51
phones for booking - Apartment Studio Yana, Smolyan lakes
Family hotel Kuchukovata House
room 2 beds: 36
phones for booking - Family hotel Kuchukovata House, Banite
Hotel Elina
Elina hotel is located in the Pamporovo resort near the bus station and First lift station, and 800 meters away from the center of the resort. Its location provides easy access to natural...
room 2 beds: 70
phones for booking - Hotel Elina, Pamporovo
Hotel The Castle Complex
Here is the place where you can feel the modern atmosphere of a complex, resembling a Castle of the medieval!The complex is located in the perfect position in Pamporovo resort, at only...
studio 2 beds: 92
phones for booking - Hotel The Castle Complex, Pamporovo
Hotel Kamena
room 2 beds: 82
phones for booking - Hotel Kamena, Pamporovo
Hotel Bellevue
Bellevue hotel is located on the main road to the Snow White Tower, casually whispering with the beautiful pine forest that surrounds it. The altitude of 1750 meters above sea level...
room 2 beds: 108
phones for booking - Hotel Bellevue, Pamporovo
Hotel Spider House
Apart-Hotel "Spider House" Pamporovo is the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday. It is located at the vicinity of the Studenets ski ground in the Pamporovo Resort....
studio 2 beds: 68
phones for booking - Hotel Spider House, Pamporovo
Hotel Finlandia
Finlandia hotel in Pamporovo is the newest hotel estate in the resort. It meets its first quests in December year 2000. It offers to its guests modern and cozy hotel equipment as well...
room 2 beds: 103
phones for booking - Hotel Finlandia, Pamporovo
Hotel Mountain Lodge
studio 3 beds: 128
phones for booking - Hotel Mountain Lodge, Pamporovo