About BgStay

BgStay is the most popular and comprehensive holiday accommodations catalogue in Bulgaria.


Our mission is to maintain BgStay fully updated and comprehensive, as we offer you information for all types of accommodations on the territory of Bulgaria.

BgStay has its purpose to help the users orient themselves quickly and easily and to supply them with detailed information in an user-friendly way.

BgStay aims to help the progress of Bulgarian tourism, in trying to make it popular in front of as many people as possible - through the Internet . We want to give an opportunity to all people involved in Bulgarian tourism to present themselves to the BgStay audience and to all people interested in tourism the opportunity to get familiar with all available offers.

Maintaining of these services free is a number one priority for us, otherwise this would affect user access - both for our visitors and customers.

The team

The team of BgStay consists of young, ambitious specialists and experts in the spheres of tourism and information technologies. That combination created favorable foundation for establishing the catalogue in its current state.

As we understand that perfection is hard to achieve, we are open-minded to your suggestions. The constant contact with you - our guests and customers is extremely important for us. This is the only way for us to see from a different point of view - yours. This way we will be able to develop the website according to your needs and requirements.

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