28 Hotels in Obzor, Bulgaria

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Hotel Bisser
Nearly 50 meters from the beach, having spacious rooms and suites, perfect kitchen, clean beach, family hotel-restaurant Bisser is particularly suitable for families wishing to enjoy...
room 2 beds: 31
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Hotel Paraiso B
Hotel Paraiso B is situated on the promenade in the town of Obzor. The distance to the city center is about 500 meters and the bus station - 800 m. The complex is located three meters...
room 4 beds: 37
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Hotel Marianas
The hotel is located on the road Varna - Burgas, 200 m to the beach, 200 m to the forest, 20 m - market for fruits and vegetables and 50 m - a large supermarket. The hotel has 8...
room 2 beds: 26
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Hotel Aleksandar
room 2 beds: 21
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Hotel COOP Central
studio 2 beds: 41
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Hotel Obzor Beach Resort
Apart complex Obzor Beach Resort comprises of 523 stylishly furnished and equipped apartments, most of them revealing a stunning view to the coast and the sea. Each one of them offers...
apart. 2 beds: 86
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Hotel Jemelli
Hotel Gemelly was built and opened in Obzor on 1 May 2005. The city is located in southeastern Bulgaria, 33 kilometres away from Sunny Beach and has one of the longest beaches in...
room 2 beds: 32
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Hotel Galeria complex
“People get tired while searching their way to rest” /an English saying/. Don’t waste time, you are welcome! Gallery offers the coziness and the peace of a typical villa, surrounded...
studio 3 beds: 46
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Hotel The Cliff Beach
The Cliff Beach & Spa Resort is a hotel located in the romantic bay of Obzor. Almost every room and suite offers a spectacular view over the endless Black Sea. Combining unique...
room 2 beds: 80
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Hotel Chorbadji Petkov Han
"Chorbadji Petkovi hanove" hotel complex is located in the town of Obzor, 380 meters from the beach and 5 minutes from the city center and the bus station. Situated amidst...
room 2 beds: 41
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