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Momin Prohod

Hotel SBR Momin Prohod, Momin Prohod
Booking information
phone for booking - Hotel SBR Momin Prohod, Momin Prohod 0714 26197     0882 805530

address of Hotel SBR Momin Prohod, Momin Prohod Momin Prohod, 6, Hristo Botev Str.
Hotel SBR Momin Prohod, Momin Prohod offers 2 beds in total.

Momin Prohod is located in southern Bulgaria on railway and road artery between Sofia and Plovdiv, in the south-western spurs of the Central Forest. The branch is located in a park zone at approximately 300 m distance. From the center of Momin Prohod and 3 km. from Kostenets. Altitude - 494 m.

The mineral water is hyper - 64oS, weakly mineralized - (0.960 mg. / L.), Sulphate - sodium, radon, slightly alkaline pH - 7.7, clear, colorless, odorless and pleasant drinking taste. The net effect of treatment with mineral water has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and general toning.

Treatment methods:

Spa treatment - baths, swimming pools, curative showers, whirlpool massage and underwater gymnastics, irrigations, inhalations.

Massage Therapy - individual and group therapeutic exercise, therapeutic massage - used classic methods of reflex therapy Vojta, individually advocate the methods of Bobath and Kabat in children with cerebral palsy.

Thermal treatments - wet wraps in Kenny, mud, paraffin,

Electrotherapy, electrophoresis, electrostimulation, UHF, solux, magnetic, interference current.

Medication to help kinesitherapeutic program.

Surgical treatment - after precise analysis Kinesiology, phased implementation with all surgical techniques for correction of deformities and contractures in CP

Psychological - pedagogical rehabilitation, social habilitation, school from first to eighth grade.

Diet according to the disease.

Extras and amenities
Hotel SBR Momin Prohod, Momin Prohod offers you the following amenities:

restaurant, massage studio, TV set, cable television, bathroom/toilet, indoor pool, bath tub, consulting room
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

type places number high summer
low summer
high winter
low winter
standard room 2 1 29 € 29 € 29 € 29 € 29 €

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