68 Houses in Saint Vlas, Bulgaria

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House Krementina
The house is located 200 meters from the sea, close to supermarket, restaurant, playground, fitness equipment and a bus stop! There are rooms with two, three and four beds with private...
room 2 beds: 15
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House Arabadjiev
room 2 beds: 21
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House for guests Ivaylo
room 2 beds: 15
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House Reni
room 2 beds: 15
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House Lia
Hotel Lia is located about 300 m from the beach in Saint Vlas and 6 km from Sunny Beach resort. There is a wonderful panorama to Nessebar and Sunny Beach. Hotel Lia has air-conditioned...
room 2 beds: 21
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House Miro
Miro guesthouse, Sveti Vlas, offers its guests rest in the cozy atmosphere near the beach, rooms with many amenities and a parking.
room 2 beds: 10
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House Hristo
room 2 beds: 15
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House Blu sky villa
house 6 beds: 62
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House Guest House Sea View
room 2 beds: 13
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House Apartments Bachvarovi
It is located in the upper part of the resort, 500 m from the sea and 1 minute from various restaurants and shops. Apartments Bachvarovi offer accommodation in the following types...
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House Мiami
House Miami has apartaments with air condition, TV, cabel television, fridge, a terrace, WC, free-parking. There is restaurant with bulgarian and foreign food.
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House Val and Kate
For everyone who is chose town Saint Vlas for holiday we offer this lovely house. She is near by the see. Every room have a lovely view.
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House 30 , Sineva, Saint Vlas
Hi there, our future guest. Im renting out my house in Saint Vlas. When you reserve it, you reserve the entire place, which is a 3-storey house. It has 2 bathrooms. There is a balcony...
room 2 beds: 103
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