64 Apartments in Chernomorets, Bulgaria

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Apartment Complex St. Nicolas
apart. 4 beds: 51
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Apartment Sunnybay, St. Nicola
Sunny bay apartments are located really close to the beach, only 50 meters from camping Gradina. The complex is from closed type. It is located in Chernomorets. We are offering lots...
apart. 2 beds: 41
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Apartment Akra
apart. 4 beds: 62
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House Villa Mihnevi
Mihnevi Guest House is situated in the small town of Chernomorets on the South Black Sea coast. House is within walking distance to the beach with sea view and lovely walks from the...
room 2 beds: 13
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House Apolonia
apart. 3 beds: 31
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Hotel Studia Briliant camping Garden
studio 2 beds: 36
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Apartment Ice Garden
The apartment has a capacity of 5 people. It is situated on the 3d floor of a guest house, located on a nice, quiet street, in a close distance to the renovated beach Eco Camping Chernomorets. The...
apart. 5 beds: 44
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Apartment Atia
apart. 4 beds: 15
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Hotel Ambrozia
room 3 beds: 38
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Apartment Stanchev
apart. 4 beds: 41
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