65 Houses in Apriltsi, Bulgaria

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House The Karaman houses
Karamanovite Kashti are guest houses located in the town of Apriltsi, in the Balkan Mountains, in a place that retains the sentiment of the past, the feeling of the strong Bulgarian...
house 10 beds: 15
phones for booking - House The Karaman houses, Apriltsi
House Near the rivers
house 7 beds: 82
phones for booking - House Near the rivers, Apriltsi
House Apriltsi Holiday Village
villa 10 beds: 101
phones for booking - House Apriltsi Holiday Village, Kryvenik
House Gardenia
house 12 beds: 231
phones for booking - House Gardenia, Gumoshtnik
House Mladata Baba
house 15 beds: 231
phones for booking - House Mladata Baba, Apriltsi
House Baba Stana's house
room 2 beds: 28
phones for booking - House Baba Stana's house, Apriltsi
House Roden dom
room 2 beds: 15
phones for booking - House Roden dom, Apriltsi
House Prolet
Guest house Prolet is situated 28 km from Sevlievo, in the beautiful and peaceful village Valevtsi. For our guests we provide accommodation in 7 double rooms and 2 suites. Each...
room 2 beds: 36
phones for booking - House Prolet, Valevci
House Lilia
House Lilia in Apriltsi is situated at the foot of the peak Botev and Maragidik providing unique panoramic view. Nearby is the reserve Severen Djendem, the national park Central Balkan....
room 2 beds: 21
phones for booking - House Lilia, Apriltsi
House Balkandjii
room 4 beds: 31
phones for booking - House Balkandjii, Apriltsi
House Diva
Diva is a renovated house that is kept in a way preserving the Bulgarian spirit! Situated in the outskirts of the Balkan Mountains, the house offers an opportunity for relaxation and...
house 10 beds: 205
phones for booking - House Diva, Skandalo, Apriltsi
House Lora
Guest house Lora is located in Ostrets of the pretty town of Apriltsi, extending in a picturesque valley, among the gorgeous scenery of the Central Balkan Mountains. It has become...
room 2 beds: 15
phones for booking - House Lora, Apriltsi
House Slantze
house 8 beds: 77
phones for booking - House Slantze, Apriltsi
House Paradise place
house 10 beds: 128
phones for booking - House Paradise place, Apriltsi
House Mogushta
room 2 beds: 21
phones for booking - House Mogushta, Apriltsi
House for guests Reni
house 10 beds: 62
phones for booking - House for guests Reni, Apriltsi
House Aqua Terra
house 2 beds: 26
phones for booking - House Aqua Terra, Skandalo, Apriltsi
House Rosi
Guest House Rossi is located in the town of Apriltsi, district Ostrets, Lovech region. It is located among beautiful scenery in the foothills of mount Botev and Maragidik, near the...
house 8 beds: 103
phones for booking - House Rosi, Apriltsi
House Dream
Dream Villa is very quiet and secluded place where you will spend many pleasant moments with friends and your loved ones. We have an outdoor pool measuring 4.5 meters to 8.5 meters,...
house 7 beds: 82
phones for booking - House Dream, Kryvenik
House Family
If you want to immerse yourself in the charm, peace and quiet of the mountain, come to the guesthouse Family. We can be found in the small town of Apriltsi, huddled at the foot of the...
room 2 beds: 21
phones for booking - House Family, Apriltsi