27 Hotels in Sandanski, Bulgaria

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Hotel Medite Spa Resort
Medite Resort Spa Hotel is situated in Sandanski, on the land of a preceding botanical garden. It reveals a spectacular panoramic view of the whole town. Medite Spa offers a wide...
room 2 beds: 97
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Hotel Family hotel Alex
room 2 beds: 44
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Hotel Prim
room 2 beds: 33
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Hotel Motel Elegance
room 2 beds: 15
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Hotel Popina Lyka
room 2 beds: 15
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Hotel Finix
Situated in the Bulgarian town Sandanski hotel Finix is a welcoming place where you can stay. The accommodation we provide for our guests is in single and double rooms and suite. The...
room 2 beds: 19
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Hotel SBR Sandanski
Sandanski is located in southwestern slopes of Pirin mountain in the lower reaches of the river Bistrica Sandanska. Its geographical location - between Kresna and Rupel Gorge is a prerequisite...
apart. 2 beds: 34
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Hotel Time Out
Time Out Hotel is located in very close vicinity to the famous Sandanski city park. The unique climate and the healing mineral waters in the spa resort are perfect for a spa holiday. The...
room 2 beds: 30
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