21 Houses in Leshten, Bulgaria

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House Leshtenski perli
Situated in the central part of the village of Leshten, Leshtenski Perli is a welcoming complex where you can stay. The complex consists of 2 houses. We provide accommodation for our...
room 2 beds: 28
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House Delchevata kushta
The Delchev House is located in the village of Leshten - a charming village, preserving the true spirit of the Bulgarian National Revival. Our house will offer you the traditional village...
house 12 beds: 179
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House Dream house
Guest house with authentic atmosphere, homey coziness and tranquility! The house has a large yard, equipped kitchen, two TVs, two bathrooms, fireplace and veranda and beautiful views. Free...
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House Leshtenski Rai
Consisted of two separated houses Leshtenski rai is a very welcoming place where you can stay. Each of the houses can accommodated up to 10 people. The houses has their own bathroom...
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House Lukovata
Lukovs House is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Bulgaria, the ancient village of Leshten, located in the Western Rhodopes. Leshten is a preferred place for rest and relaxation...
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House Aiva
house 8 beds: 128
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House Aiva
room 2 beds: 31
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House Panorama house
room 2 beds: 28
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House Rodopski Kat
Rodopski Kat guesthouse is a wonderful choice for accommodation in the ancient village of Leshten both for business travelers and for tourists visiting the village and the region for...
room 2 beds: 38
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House Complex Three houses
house 8 beds: 97
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