12 Hotels in Kardzhali, Bulgaria

All hotels in Kardzhali, Bulgaria with prices, phones, photos, stars, descriptions, addresses and locations on the map. 12 hotels in Kardzhali.
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Family hotel Megdana
room 2 beds: 31
phones for booking - Family hotel Megdana, Kardzhali
Hotel Rodopa complex
The beautiful Smolyan village Banite is located deep into the bosom of the majestic Rhodope mountain on the valley of Malka Arda river at 750m altitude. It is situated between two regional...
room 2 beds: 33
phones for booking - Hotel Rodopa complex, Banite
Hotel Arda
Arda Complex is situated along the Arda river valley in the Bulgarian village Dolno Cherkovnishte, Municipality of Haskovo. For our guests, we provide accommodations in 9 rooms and...
room 2 beds: 51
phones for booking - Hotel Arda, Dolno Cherkovishte
Family hotel Family Hotel Lilium
room 2 beds: 36
phones for booking - Family hotel Family Hotel Lilium, Gorno Kapinovo, Kardzhali
Family hotel Garden
Garden Family Hotel is located in Kardzhali. The hotel is extremely cozy furnished. Each room has a private bathroom, a TV with satellite channels, and air-conditioning. The...
room 8 beds: 46
phones for booking - Family hotel Garden, Kardzhali
Family hotel Trifon Zarezan
Trifon Zarezan is located on the shore of the lake Kardjali, Glavatartsi region - one of the most beautiful places in the Rhodopes. The distance from the center of Kurdjali to rest...
house 20 beds: 564
phones for booking - Family hotel Trifon Zarezan, Glavatartsi
House Ecopolis Glavatarci
Ecopolis Glavatartsi is a complex of 3 villas, located on the shore of the Kardzhali dam, in the heart of the Eastern Rhodopes. Each is completely independent, with 2 being two-storeyed...
villa 4 beds: 113
phones for booking - House Ecopolis Glavatarci, Glavatartsi
Family hotel Palas
room 2 beds: 26
phones for booking - Family hotel Palas, Ardino
Hotel Rocca resort
room 2 beds: 61
phones for booking - Hotel Rocca resort, Glavatartsi
Hotel Bulgaria
Hotel Bulgaria is situated in the Bulgarian town Kardzhali. We provide accommodation for our guests in comfortable rooms and suites. Each of them has: mini-bar, TV set, Wi-Fi, etc....
room 2 beds: 31
phones for booking - Hotel Bulgaria, Kardzhali