3 Family hotels in Gabrovo, Bulgaria

All family hotels in Gabrovo, Bulgaria with prices, phones, photos, stars, descriptions, addresses and locations on the map. 3 family hotels in Gabrovo.
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Hotel Balkan
Balkan Hotel – Gabrovo is a three-star hotel situated in the heart of Gabrovo. Due to its vast experience in the tourist industry the Balkan Hotel – Gabrovo is able to provide the perfect...
room 2 beds: 36
phones for booking - Hotel Balkan, Gabrovo
House Guest House Marrakech
room 2 beds: 26
phones for booking - House Guest House Marrakech, Gabrovo
House Guest House Gergini
Villa Gergini is located in the heart of the village of Gergini, 8 km from the town of Gabrovo. Features: - 3 bedrooms with a total capacity of 6+2 - 2 separate bathrooms and a...
house 8 beds: 154
phones for booking - House Guest House Gergini, Gergini
House The Four Houses
Four houses with thick stone walls, a yard with fruit-trees, a swimming pool, a summer bar and a view that entices the eyes to roam around the Predbalkan's soft hills. The...
house 2 beds: 46
phones for booking - House The Four Houses, Kostenkovtsi
Family hotel Roden krai
Тhree star complex is located in the center of Gabrovo village -Vlaychevtsi and expects guests in all seasons: in summer - near the pool; in the winter - next to a warm fireplace. Comfortable...
room 2 beds: 46
phones for booking - Family hotel Roden krai, Vlaichovtsi
House Balkanski kat
room 2 beds: 41
phones for booking - House Balkanski kat, Mechkovitsa
House Torbalazhi
room 2 beds: 31
phones for booking - House Torbalazhi, Torbalazhite
House na hudojnika
house 8 beds: 62
phones for booking - House na hudojnika, Ezeroto, Gabrovo
House Meli
Welcome to Guest house Meli! There are Bulgarian, English, German, Turkish and Russian languages spoken by us. The house is located on a picturesque hill above the city of Gabrovo...
house 8 beds: 164
phones for booking - House Meli, Gabrovo
House At Bacho Kolio
house 9 beds: 162
phones for booking - House At Bacho Kolio, Gabrovo