40 Apartments in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

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Apartment Moni
apart. 2 beds: 21
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Apartment Day and Night
Day and Night studio is located on 22, Dimitar Rashev Street in Veliko Tarnovo, on the ground floor. The apartment consists of 1 bedroom, cable TV, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, bathroom...
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Apartment Astoria
Astoria Apartment is located 3 km from the Tsarevets fortress and overlooks the mountain. The apartment consists of a bedroom with a double bed, a living room with a seating area,...
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Apartment Krem's
Krem's Apartment is located in the center of Veliko Tarnovo, 2 km from the Tsarevets fortress. The apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, a living room with a seating area, a dining...
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Apartment Rent a studio in V. Tarnovo
The apartment is located in a great neighborhood, there are many shops, restaurants, bus stations, and cinema. It is in the heart of the city, a 10-minute walk from the old town. The...
apart. 4 beds: 33
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Apartment Apartament
apart. 1 bed: 6
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Apartment Holidei
apart. 6 beds: 34
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Apartment Cozy apartament
apart. 4 beds: 26
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Apartment for rent
apart. 4 beds: 15
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Apartment Room with great view
apart. 3 beds: 17
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