37 Houses in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

All houses in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria with prices, phones, photos, stars, descriptions, addresses and locations on the map. 37 houses in Veliko Tarnovo.
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House Chamurkov guest house
Set in the renovated property from 1904 and with a large garden and barbecue facilities, Chamurkov Guest House is 3 km. away east from Veliko Tarnovo city, Bulgaria in a quiet village...
room 4 beds: 13
phones for booking - House Chamurkov guest house, Veliko Tarnovo
House Guesthouse BeniArt
house 8 beds: 118
phones for booking - House Guesthouse BeniArt, Vetrintsi
House Bukovec
bed 1 bed: 15
phones for booking - House Bukovec, Bukovetz, Veliko Tarnovo
House Tarnovski dom
Situated in the center of Veliko Tarnovo, Tarnovski dom is a very welcoming place you can visit. It is in close proximity to different interesting places like cultural and public centers....
room 2 beds: 17
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House Paradise
The house is located in the old part of Veliko Turnovo, in a calm and quite area. All of the cultural and historic monuments are within an easy walking distance. The house offers...
room 2 beds: 26
phones for booking - House Paradise, Veliko Tarnovo
House Villa Kalin
Villa Kalin is a two-floor newly decorated house with a garden, barbecue, and four parking spaces. On the first floor, there is a dining room with a fully equipped kitchen: fridge,...
house 6 beds: 64
phones for booking - House Villa Kalin, Natsovtsi
House Ioanna
room 2 beds: 21
phones for booking - House Ioanna, Gostilica
House Manoya
Comfortable guesthouse/villa with swimming pool, which is positioned in a scenic village in-between the medieval capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, and Dryanovo. The house is...
villa 8 beds: 128
phones for booking - House Manoya, Manoia
House Kapinovski vodopad
The luxury villa Kapinovski vodopad is located in the Kapinovski Monastery area, 17 km away from Veliko Tarnovo. The villa has three floors. It has three rooms and an apartment, a...
villa 4 beds: 103
phones for booking - House Kapinovski vodopad, Velchevo, Veliko Tarnovo
House Guest House Priateli
Priateli guest house is located in the village of Emen, Veliko Tarnovo, next to the Emen Canyon on the Negovanka River, 8 km from the highway Veliko Tarnovo - Sofia. The house offers...
room 2 beds: 21
phones for booking - House Guest House Priateli, Emen