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House Aleko Hut
Aleko Hut is located at 1 840 meters above sea level at Vitosha Mountain, above Sofia city and is the second oldest chalet in Bulgaria - opened in year 1934. It has 85 beds, distributed...
room 2 beds: 33
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House Planinets Hut
Planinets hut is reached by the road to the Golden Bridges. To do this, you need to get to the Boyana quarter (along the Sofia Ring Road or Bulgaria Blvd.) and continue on the road...
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House Kuker
The Hut is located in the Golden Bridges of Vitosha. The altitude is 1400 merset. This place was a cabin geological studies, after major reconstruction in December 2005. Opened in its...
room 2 beds: 31
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House Vitosha
room 2 beds: 29
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House Kumata Hut
Kumata Hut is the last hut located on the road from the Golden Bridges through Konyarnika to Cherni Vrah. The chalet offers both individual and group accommodation. Its capacity...
bed 1 bed: 10
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House Momina skala Hut
The hut is located next to Boyanska River, amidst pine and oak forest. It has heating, water supply, shared bathrooms, a tourist dining room, and a bench offering hot soups, grills,...
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House Selimitsa Hut
Selimitsa hut is located at 1305 m above sea level. in the southwestern slopes of Vitosha Mountain under the eponymous peak Selimitsa. Updated in 2010. The hut is open on weekends...
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