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Hotel SBR Kyustendil, Kyustendil
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phone for booking - Hotel SBR Kyustendil, Kyustendil 078 550970    

address of Hotel SBR Kyustendil, Kyustendil Kyustendil, 46, Demokratsia Str.
Hotel SBR Kyustendil, Kyustendil offers 0 beds in total.

Kyustendil is situated in a large field at moderate altitude - 525 m. At the northern foot of Osogovo. Healing base is located in the central part of the city.

The main resources of the branch are mineral water and peat mud deposit "Chuklyovo swamp" in. Baikal, Kyustendil (deposit of peat mud is the only approved exclusively for medical purposes). Peat belongs to the group of peloids whose formation is a process of geological nature. The mineral water healing qualities due mainly to the fact that sulfide is, silicon and fluorine mild to moderate. Of particular importance is the composition of mineral water has a low mineralization and contain sulfur, salt and other ions at a temperature of 17.5 to 73 ° C. It is a clear, colorless with pleasant taste, despite the slight smell of hydrogen sulfide.

Methods of treatment

• balneotreatment - baths, therapeutic showers, swimming pools, underwater gymnastics, underwater massage, irrigations, inhalations, drinking and application;

• mud - mud applications, mud baths;

• remedial gymnastics - individual and group, breathing exercises, physical therapy;

• healing massage;

• specialized techniques and methodologies;

• manual therapy;

• terrain treatment;

• full range of instrumental physiotherapy, electrotherapy, light, aerozoloterapiya;

• laser therapy;

• reflexology;

• paraffin;

• lye;

• aromatherapy;

• diet according to the disease.

Extras and amenities
Hotel SBR Kyustendil, Kyustendil offers you the following amenities:

outdoor pool, parking lot, fitness centre, SPA centre, sauna, jacuzzi, solarium, massage studio, TV set, cable television, bathroom/toilet, indoor pool, bath tub, consulting room
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

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standard room 2 - 30 € 30 € 30 € 30 € 30 €

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