6 Hotels in Kyustendil, Bulgaria

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Hotel The Pink house
room 2 beds: 28
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Family hotel Casino Ring
Hotel Casino Ring is located in the center of the picturesque small town of Kyustendil. The hotel has 6 spacious studios /47sq.m/ with equipped kitchen corner, bedroom, single bed...
room 2 beds: 38
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Family hotel Ahat
Family guest house Ahat-Kyustendil, has 6 double rooms and 1 apartment. Each room has its own bathroom, air conditioning, wireless internet, cable TV. In the yard there is a barbecue...
room 2 beds: 36
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Family hotel Lazur
Hotel Lazur is a family owned hotel-restaurant chain, with more than 15 years of history. The constant interest in our hotel made us build one more plus a restaurant and a Piano bar....
studio 2 beds: 31
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House Therma Asklepios
room 2 beds: 31
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House Selena Spa House
Selena Spa House is located in the village of Gorna Brestnitsa, 4 km from the town of Kyustendil and about 100 km from the city of Sofia. The house is at the highest point in the...
house 19 beds: 410
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Family hotel Balkan
room 2 beds: 20
phones for booking - Family hotel Balkan, Kyustendil
Hotel Velbazhd
Hotel Velbazhd is situate in the center of the Bulgarian tow Kyustendil. We provide accommodation for our guests in 30 rooms. Some of the amnesties in the room include: telephone, TV...
room 2 beds: 41
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Hotel Strimon Garden SPA Hotel
The 5-star Strimon Gardеn Medical SPA Hotel is located in the town of Kyustendil known as a balneological resort for 25 centuries and also called The town of springs. The millennial...
room 2 beds: 82
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Hotel Kyustendil
Park Hotel Kyustendil is situated in the Bulgarian town Kyustendil. We provide accommodation for our guests in 68 double rooms, 14 single rooms, 1 room for people with disabilities...
room 2 beds: 46
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