6 Hotels in Dobrinishte, Bulgaria

All hotels in Dobrinishte, Bulgaria with prices, phones, photos, stars, descriptions, addresses and locations on the map. 6 hotels in Dobrinishte.
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House Aleksandria Spa and Ski
villa 6 beds: 77
phones for booking - House Aleksandria Spa and Ski, Dobrinishte
Hotel Ruskovets Resort
Located at the foot of the Pirin to a thick pine forest, Ruskovets Resort is a wonderful place for a family holiday, with impressive quality and style. The complex is the perfect...
apart. 2 beds: 102
phones for booking - Hotel Ruskovets Resort, Dobrinishte
House Pandevi
bed 1 bed: 10
phones for booking - House Pandevi, Dobrinishte
Hotel Orbel
Surrounded by Pirin, Rila, and the Rhodope Mountains, located at 850 meters altitude, Dobrinishte town combines the best of winter and summer sports. Beautiful scenery, ski slopes,...
room 2 beds: 85
phones for booking - Hotel Orbel, Dobrinishte
Hotel Bozhena Apart complex
Bojena Apart complex is located in Dobrinishte, 6 km from Bansko and 156 from Sofia. Dobrinishte combines the best of winter and summer holidays - beautiful nature, hospitable people,...
studio 2 beds: 33
phones for booking - Hotel Bozhena Apart complex, Dobrinishte
Hotel Valentino 2
" Valentino-2 is a three star hotel which is situated in the pretty small town place of incredibly quiet place where you can enjoy the wonderful panorama of the three mountains...
room 2 beds: 21
phones for booking - Hotel Valentino 2, Dobrinishte
Hotel Complex Dobrinishte
Dobrinishte complex is located in the town with the same name Dobrinishte and includes: 1. Hotel Dobrinishte - located in the city center, entirely in the pedestrian and park area....
room 2 beds: 62
phones for booking - Hotel Complex Dobrinishte, Dobrinishte
Hotel Valentino
room 2 beds: 21
phones for booking - Hotel Valentino, Dobrinishte