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Hotel Hacienda Beach
Located in proximity to the Golden Fish Bay, 30 km south of Burgas and 6 km from the Ancient town of Sozopol. Its tranquil location on the beautiful sandy beach makes it a favorite...
apart. 2 beds: 46
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Hotel Zafi
Аpart-hotel ZAFI, Sozopol has a capacity of 30 beds. Price range: BGN 15 - BGN 32 per bed when renting an entire room - see prices Apart-hotel ZAFI is located on the first line...
studio 4 beds: 41
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Hotel St. Zosim
studio 4 beds: 51
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Apartment in Black sea star complex
apart. 3 beds: 21
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Apartment Elinor Budzhaka
Apartments Elinor Budzhaka - first line. Located in the Budjaka area 3 km from the Оld town of Sozopol. Borderline with 5* Art Complex Anel, and nearby is Dalyan Chaika Restaurant,...
apart. 4 beds: 62
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Apartment Sozopol
Complex Sozopol Dreams BMT. Complex Sozopol Dreams is located nearby the largest beach Harmaniand next to two paid parkings. Our three and two bedroom apartments are equiped...
apart. 7 beds: 56
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Hotel Selena
On that beach, where the sea meets the old town of Sozopol and only 35 km south of Burgas, Hotel Selena awaits you from early spring until late autumn. With stunning sea views and...
room 2 beds: 71
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House Villa Raya
Villa Paradise is located 100 meters from the beach. The villa offers accommodation in one or two-bedroom apartments. The apartments have a living room with a seating area, a dining...
apart. 4 beds: 62
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Apartment Nedyalkovi Apartments
apart. 4 beds: 62
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Apartment Gledkata
Gledkata Apartments are located in the new part of Sozopol and 500 meters from the beach of the old town. We offer two apartments with separate accommodation. Apartment 1 has 5 seats,...
apart. 6 beds: 62
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Apartment Via Pontica 123
apart. 2 beds: 51
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Apartment VIP Anvers - Sea view
We are pleased to present you Apartment VIP Antverse - Sea View, open for Season 2020! Brand new, modern, with 3 bedrooms, each with TV, 1 living room with large table and sofa bed...
apart. 8 beds: 256
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Apartment Green Live Resort Apartment
Green Life Resort Apartment, Sozopol is located in the eponymous complex on the first line to the sea, next to Kavatsi beach, 3 km from Sozopol, 30 km from Bourgas and near Stradzha...
apart. 4 beds: 67
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Apartment Antik 7
The luxury apartment Antik 7 is for rent at prices: - Price per night - BGN 130 - The price includes a parking space and a garage The private apartment Antik 7 is located in the...
apart. 4 beds: 62
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Apartment Studio-Beach alley
The studio has a great location, just 5 minutes walking distance from Harmani Beach in Sozopol. It is located on the first floor of the building. It has fully equipped kitchen, dining...
apart. 4 beds: 48
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Apartment in guests house
apart. 3 beds: 28
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Apartment Karamanovi
We offer three apartments in a new building, 300 meters from the beach. Each of the apartments represents a bedroom for 2 people, extendable wide sofa, also for 2 people. Furnished...
apart. 4 beds: 28
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Apartment studio Saint Zosim
The studio is located in the new town of Sozopol in new build hotel complex St. Zosim, which is 10 meters from the beach. The studio is suitable for 4 people. As you can see from...
apart. 4 beds: 36
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Apartment Marieta
We present to your attention apartment located in a quiet area in the new part of the town, near to the main beaches. Capacity of 4 person: It has 2 bedrooms (the first one with...
apart. 4 beds: 26
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Separate room Tedi - Mari 1
The apartment is located in the center of the old town with view over the Old Harbor, Marina Ports, islands St.Ivan, St.Peter, St. Kirik and beaches Golden fish and Gradina. The central...
room 4 beds: 51
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