135 Apartments in Sandanski, Bulgaria

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Apartment Studios April
Cosy studios and rooms that have everything you would need to spend a nice holiday in Sandanski and enjoy its beautiful surroundings or just rest a night on your way to Greece. We...
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Apartment Guest rooms Sandanski Peak
Guest rooms Peak Sandanski are located near the park in the city center. The rooms have a TV, free Wi-Fi, an electric kettle, a bathroom and more. The building has a gym, solarium,...
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Apartment Artemis Apartments
Welcome to Artemis Apartments! Moments of vacation or business trip - any reason to visit us, we offer you the best solution. In a building surrounded by vegetation and right...
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Apartment Studio East
Sandanski Apartments - 3 studios and 2 apartments
apart. 3 beds: 14
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Apartment Levkoni 3
Sale price for 4 people is BGN 65, for at least 2 nights, extra 1 or 2 people pay BGN 10 per night. The apartment has a total area of 97m2, two individual bedrooms, a living room...
apart. 6 beds: 25
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Apartment Victoria
Hotel "Victoria" is located in the center of town ideyalen. Sandanski.v park area of ​​the town, 200 meters from the main street 100 meters from Graz market. There is a children...
apart. 2 beds: 25
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Apartment Daniela
apart. 2 beds: 15
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Apartment Levkoni 4
Cost of apartments for 4 visitors is 65 and a minimum of 2 nights (type of hotel). Discounts for 10 nights - 7% -10% 15 nights, 30 nights at 15%. Levkoni Apartment 4 is located...
apart. 4 beds: 44
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Apartment with 3 rooms
Welcome to a comfortable place for your holiday! We offer apartment and separate rooms. The place is in new building and the furniture is new. There is air conditioner and...
apart. 6 beds: 31
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Apartment Sineva
apart. 6 beds: 33
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Apartment Accommodation in Sandanski
apart. 5 beds: 33
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Apartment Studio Nadia
Nadia studio is located in a new building in the center of Sandanski, 5 minutes from the shopping street, market, bus station, shop Billa, 50 meters from parking. Offers everything...
apart. 3 beds: 26
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Apartment Two-bedroom
apart. 6 beds: 28
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Apartment Right choice
Detached apartment 200 meters from the city park. Secured parking. The layout is a kitchenette and a living room with a sofa bed (size 130x210), a bedroom and a terrace. Everything...
apart. 4 beds: 36
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Apartment Sandanski
Offer atelier (A103) in a new building next to Hotel Medite in Polenitsa neighborhood of Sandanski. It consists of: a room with sofa bed and one auxiliary bed, bathroom with shower,...
apart. 2 beds: 15
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Apartment 6
Sandanski Apartments - 2 studios and 2 apartments. We are dedicated to offering our guests a unique vacation.
apart. 5 beds: 25
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Apartment Tea
apart. 6 beds: 36
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Apartment for rent
The apartment is located in a new building. 300 meters from Interhotel Sandanski towards the residence of Sandanski. There are wonderful views and consists of 2 bedrooms and a kitchen...
apart. 4 beds: 21
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Apartment Medi
apart. 4 beds: 26
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