68 Hotels in Primorsko, Bulgaria

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Hotel Perla Sun Park Hotel
Right next to the southernpart of Primorsko, near the Diabolic River, is located the Perla Sun Park Hotel - a vacation appartments complex. The north face of the building and the...
room 2 beds: 154
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Hotel Venera complex
Venera Complex is a new hotel, opened in 2016. It is located 30 meters from the beach in Primorsko and offers 40 rooms, 38 of which are doubles and 2 triples. Each room has air-conditioning,...
room 2 beds: 41
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Hotel Prestige City II
Prestige City II – on the very sea coast! The complex works on All Inclusive basis! The prices for the apartments include All Inclusive for 2 pax for the studio and 1-bedroom apartment...
room 2 beds: 56
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Hotel Sapfir
Saphir hotel is located just 200 meters from the North Beach and 450 meters from the South. Offers 28 double rooms and 1 suite. All rooms have the option of an extra bed. The hotel...
room 2 beds: 62
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Hotel Seastar
Elite holiday-residential complex Seastar is located on the main street of Primorsko and is about 500 meters from the South Beach. It is easily detectable and accessible as it is close...
room 2 beds: 81
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Hotel Perla Royal
room 2 beds: 164
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Hotel Imperial
Hotel Imperial is the perfect choice for everyone who wants a combination of a pleasant sea holiday and an elegant luxury. The hotel is found in the summer of 2008 and offers to its...
room 2 beds: 51
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Hotel Magnoliite
room 2 beds: 45
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Hotel Sunrise
Hotel Sunrise is located at the beginning of the town of Primorsko, next to the bus station of Primorsko, about 100 meters from Primorsko Aquapark and 350 meters from the southern beach...
room 2 beds: 31
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Hotel Siena Palace
Siena Palace is located on Zornitsa Street, which makes it easy to find and it is near to many other places in the city. The hotel is three minutes away from the beach. Siena Palace...
room 2 beds: 82
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Hotel Queen Nelly
Queen Nelly hotel is located near the North beach of Primorsko. The hotel is distinguished by modern architecture and its appearance resembles a comfortably anchored ship. Queen Nelly...
room 2 beds: 72
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Family hotel Mirage
Situated close to the north beach, Mirage hotels offer the coziness and tranquility you have always dreamed of. Each room equipped with: air-conditioning, refrigerator, TV set, toilet...
room 2 beds: 41
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Hotel Cinema
The newly opened Cinema Hotel in Primorsko is located 100 meters from the beach and near the sea garden of the town. The hotel has a pool on the top floor and a sun terrace, parking...
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Hotel Aparthotel Allure Beach Resort
The resort provides excellent conditions for your family vacation, celebration, company party, team building. Thanks to its capacity of 100 studios and apartments, Allure Beach Resort...
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Hotel Hotel M2
room 2 beds: 26
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Hotel St. Stephen
room 2 beds: 57
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Hotel Holiday base Primorsko
Primorsko Recreation Center is located on the southern beach of Primorsko and has a magnificent sea view. The holiday base has a hotel part of 60 double and 56 triple rooms with...
room 2 beds: 23
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Hotel ММ Complex
MM Apart Hotel is located in Primorsko, only 300 meters from the center and 500 meters from the beach. There are outdoor swimming pool with jacuzzi, coffee, umbrellas and lounge chairs...
studio 3 beds: 78
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Hotel Holiday base Poseidon
room 2 beds: 133
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Hotel Spektar Palace
Spektar Palace Hotel is situated in the beginning of the town of Primorsko, at about 300 meters away from the south beach. The harmony and tranquility of the town as well as the...
room 2 beds: 21
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