10 Hotels in Banya, Razlog, Bulgaria

All hotels in Banya, Razlog, Bulgaria with prices, phones, photos, stars, descriptions, addresses and locations on the map. 10 hotels in Banya, Razlog.
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Hotel Grand Hotel Therme
Grand Hotel Terme is the newest hot spot in the heart of Pirin! Austrian style, luxury accommodation, international cuisine and perfection from nature. Grand Hotel Terme makes...
room 2 beds: 189
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House Guest House Villa Sidona
Villa Sidona is located in the village of Banya, 5 km from Bansko and Razlog and welcomes guests from October 2022. The villa can accommodate up to 14 people. For your complete...
house 7 beds: 335
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House Listvenitsa 1 & Listvenitsa 2
About us: The guest houses Listvenitsa 1 and 2 are located in the village of Banya. The combination of warm mineral water springs, fresh mountain air, and the serene location make...
house 8 beds: 462
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Hotel Villa Victoria Thermal SPA
Situated in the village of Banya, 5 km from Bansko and 5 km from Razlog, the hotel features an outdoor pool and outdoor Jacuzzi with mineral water, a SPA center, and an elegant restaurant....
room 2 beds: 67
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Hotel Spa Hotel Aspa Vila
Aspa Vila Thermal Hotel is located in the town of Bania – a balneological center in the central part of the Razlog valley, locked between the beautiful Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes mountains,...
room 2 beds: 97
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Hotel Seven Seasons Hotel & SPA
Sevan Seasons Hotel is located in the beautiful Razlog valley, halfway between the town. Bansko and Bania. The complex is open year round and is ideal for a relaxing ski and SPA break...
room 2 beds: 77
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Hotel Hot Springs Medical and SPA
Welcome to Hot Springs Medical & Spа Hotel- the new Bulgarian mineral water. Located in the village of Banya (eng. Bath) – famous for its thermal springs at Hot Springs Medical...
room 2 beds: 117
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Hotel Seven Springs
Hotel Seven Springs is hidden in the Razlog valley between three mountains - the picturesque Rila, the majestic Pirin and the magical Rhodopes. You will find us in the village of Banya,...
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Hotel Banya Aqua Resort complex
Located in the heart of the village of Banya, in the Razlog valley, surrounded by three majestic mountains - Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes and only 5 km from the best ski resort in the Balkans...
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Hotel Rimska banq
room 2 beds: 67
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