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Hotel Relax COOP
Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday in the picturesque village of Voneshta Voda. 28 km south of Veliko Tarnovo and 18 km east of Tryavna, on the northern slopes of the Balkan...
room 2 beds: 64
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Hotel Velista
Holiday resort Velista is located in the middle of the Central Balkan Mountains (28 km south of Veliko Tarnovo and 25 km from Tryavna). The resort has mineral water, which cures a number...
room 2 beds: 62
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Hotel Dimina
Dimina Balneo is located in the village of Voneshta voda, situated about 28 km. from Veliko Turnovo on the road for New and Stara Zagora and 20 km. east from Tryavna. The Hotel is situated...
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