34 Bungalows in Shkorpilovtsi, Bulgaria

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Bungalow Complex Romance
We have 7 bungalows or 14 private rooms, fully renovated, each with separate entrance, private bathroom, bathroom, brand new well equipped kitchens equipped with all utensils, fridge,...
bungalow 4 beds: 46
phones for booking - Bungalow Complex Romance, Shkorpilovtsi
Bungalow Charodeika
bungalow 2 beds: 26
phones for booking - Bungalow Charodeika, Shkorpilovtsi
Bungalow Dabrava
bungalow 4 beds: 18
phones for booking - Bungalow Dabrava, Shkorpilovtsi
Bungalow Camping Shkorpilovci
bungalow 1 bed: 15
phones for booking - Bungalow Camping Shkorpilovci, Shkorpilovtsi
Bungalow The little blue
Little Blue is a newly built studio just 900 meters from the central beach of Shkorpilovtsi. It is located in a quiet, secluded place, with lots of greenery and its own yard. It...
bungalow 3 beds: 41
phones for booking - Bungalow The little blue, Shkorpilovtsi
Bungalow Zdravets Holiday House
bungalow 2 beds: 18
phones for booking - Bungalow Zdravets Holiday House, Shkorpilovtsi
Bungalow Park Hotel Moskva
bungalow 3 beds: 31
phones for booking - Bungalow Park Hotel Moskva, Shkorpilovtsi
Bungalow Mraz Bungalows
bungalow 3 beds: 28
phones for booking - Bungalow Mraz Bungalows, Shkorpilovtsi
Bungalow Izgrev Bungalows
bungalow 4 beds: 41
phones for booking - Bungalow Izgrev Bungalows, Shkorpilovtsi
Bungalow Mecho uho
We guarantee your comfort and relaxation, pleasant atmosphere and many summer adventures. The bungalows are 50 meters from the beach and situated among the oak grove. The base has...
bungalow 3 beds: 15
phones for booking - Bungalow Mecho uho, Shkorpilovtsi