8 Family hotels in Elena, Bulgaria

All family hotels in Elena, Bulgaria with prices, phones, photos, stars, descriptions, addresses and locations on the map. 8 family hotels in Elena.
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House Zvezda
house 11 beds: 169
phones for booking - House Zvezda, Elena
House Kandaferi Guest House
In a quiet place in the mountain Guest Houses Kandaferi 1 and Kandaferi 2 are located in the pretty village of Miykovtsi, 13 km from Elena. Guest House Kandaferi 1 has a unique...
house 16 beds: 246
phones for booking - House Kandaferi Guest House, Miykovtsi
House Badevtsi paradise
Situated at about 700 m above sea level, on a south side of the mountains near Elena town, Guest Houses Badevtsi Paradise offer incomparable comfort of modern and elegant style. The...
house 8 beds: 169
phones for booking - House Badevtsi paradise, Badevtsi
House Idiliya
house 9 beds: 103
phones for booking - House Idiliya, Elena
Family hotel Nikolova house
Nikolova house is situated in the center of the town of Elena. Offers double, triple rooms, apartments, luxury suite with jacuzzi for two and a large veranda, lobby, sauna, internal...
room 2 beds: 51
phones for booking - Family hotel Nikolova house, Elena
House Lubomir's guest house
house 10 beds: 359
phones for booking - House Lubomir's guest house, Elena
Hotel Perun
Perun hotel is located in the center of the town of Elena. According to the guests' preferences in would stay at the luxurious rooms or suites. The hotel offers full board....
room 2 beds: 51
phones for booking - Hotel Perun, Elena
Family hotel Central
apart. 2 beds: 46
phones for booking - Family hotel Central, Elena
Family hotel Small Arkadia
Among the beauty of the Balkan is located the attractive Guest house Small Arkadia. You will find it in the picturesque village of Kipilovo. With its friendly atmosphere and coziness,...
room 2 beds: 41
phones for booking - Family hotel Small Arkadia, Kipilovo
Family hotel St. George
40 km from Veliko Tarnovo, 2 km from the town of Elena, nestled in the arms of Elena's mountain, in a fragrant mixed oak and pine forest, located Saint Georgi hotel - the ideal...
room 2 beds: 46
phones for booking - Family hotel St. George, Elena