5 Hotels in Samokov, Bulgaria

All hotels in Samokov, Bulgaria with prices, phones, photos, stars, descriptions, addresses and locations on the map. 5 hotels in Samokov.
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Hotel Diltsvet
Diltsvet house is a small family hotel, located near the Stadium in the town of Samokov, 8 km by kk Borovets and 60 km from Sofia. Guests are able to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere...
room 2 beds: 31
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Hotel Stefi House
Guest House Stefi is located in the central part of Samokov, located on a quiet street near Rideau Park and 7 km from the resort. Borovets. The house has a lobby bar, large summer...
room 2 beds: 40
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Hotel Arena
Hotel Arena is located in the central part of the town Samokov. North of the hotel is located the gym Arena Samokov, the two buildings are joined together by a walkway. To the east...
room 2 beds: 28
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Hotel Кokoshkovata kusta
Our hotel is a unique architectural structure, a cultural monument of the town of Samokov, restored nearly two years to become today in what is preserved the spirit of the past combined...
room 2 beds: 103
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Hotel Grand
The Hotel is situated in Samokov city, in outskirts of Rila Mountain. It is 60 km from the capital and 28 km from Maliovitsa. In the hotel there are 27 rooms and 2 apartments....
room 2 beds: 26
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