30 Hotels in Burgas, Bulgaria

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Hotel Aqua
Hotel "Aqua" - Burgas is a part of "Aqua" hotel chains and is one of the most prestigious and popular business hotels in Burgas. Hotel "Aqua" - Burgas...
room 2 beds: 26
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Hotel Atlantis Resort & Spa
Atlantis Resort & Spa is an elegant hotel complex, located in the most luxury quarter of Burgas – Sarafovo. The complex is located just a few steps away from the sea coast, a few...
studio 2 beds: 41
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Hotel Mikado
room 2 beds: 27
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Hotel Promenade
Promenade is an elegant and charming hotel, situated at the center of Burgas city, near the Central beach and the Sea garden. It possesses the old marine town flair, combined with the...
room 2 beds: 151
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Hotel Prestige
Hotel Prestige is a luxury family hotel. Because of it's strategical location it is convenient for business trips as long as for summer tourism. It is situated 200 meter far from...
room 2 beds: 28
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Hotel Elite
room 2 beds: 26
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Hotel Avenue
Avenue hotel is the newest hotels in the city of Bourgas. Situated adjacent to the main road to Sofia, to the Metro and Technomarket, 4 kilometers away from the airport. Avenue hotel...
room 2 beds: 26
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Hotel Luxor
It is located in the centre of town Bourgas. The 3 stars hotel offer possibility of business and relax. The hotel is situated on the street “Bulair” only 200m away from the central...
room 2 beds: 38
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Hotel Mirage
room 2 beds: 41
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Hotel Palma
room 2 beds: 21
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Hotel Fors
Hotel "Fors" is located in the centre of Bourgas and gives You the best possibility for busines and relaxation. The Fors hotel disposes of 20 rooms and 2 appartments. They...
room 2 beds: 31
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Hotel Park
room 2 beds: 18
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Hotel Atagen
room 2 beds: 35
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Hotel Aparthotel Diamond Beach
studio 2 beds: 46
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Family hotel Slivnitsa
room 2 beds: 21
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Family hotel Milano
Situated near an important transport artery and in close proximity of the sea, with its charming architecture and a themed design, it combines in itself the atmosphere of Italian comfort...
room 2 beds: 28
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Family hotel St. Anastasia
St. Anastasia hotel is a new elegant, boutique and discreet hotel located only twenty minutes from Bourgas in the picturesque park Rosenets. Built on a first line on a cliff overlooking...
room 2 beds: 72
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Family hotel Gran Via
Gran Via Hotel sits in the heart of Burgas, an area of spectacular coastal scenery. We are within easy reach of golden sandy beaches and the city’s Marine gardens. In Gran Via hotel,...
room 2 beds: 36
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Family hotel Opera
Opera Hotel is a boutique business hotel with unique and refined retro design. The hotel is located on a quiet side street in the center of Bourgas., Just 200 meters from the central...
room 2 beds: 28
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Family hotel Boryana
Boryana Hotel is situated in the summer resort Kraimorie, on the Black Sea coast. Room types - single, with 2 or 3 beds, appartments with balconies.
room 2 beds: 15
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