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Hotel Chateau Copsa, Moskovets
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address of Hotel Chateau Copsa, Moskovets Moskovets, 1st Str.
Hotel Chateau Copsa, Moskovets offers 60 beds in total.

Chateau Kopsa is located about an hour from Plovdiv in the direction of Karlovo, immediately after the village of Anevo turns to Bogdan / Moskovets. After the railway crossing, there is a sign ... in the form of a stone, which is completely in the style of the cellar. The chateau owes its name to the well-preserved Kopsis fortress (also known as Anevsko Kale), which is located about 5 km. from the cellar.

Chateau Copsa has 4 double rooms and 1 apartment with a total capacity of up to 12 people. Each room is unique and inspired by a different white or red wine variety.

The brick walls, wood, wrought iron, and marble make the place both modern and cozy. Everything is simple and stylish, and the small details in the decoration contribute to the feeling.

Bordeaux room - Carrara marble bathroom, the furniture is dominated by shades of red.

Cabernet Sauvignon room - black marble, which covers the bathroom, a massive oak bedroom in Victorian style, the textile is decided in black and white.

Muscat Room - The furniture and decorations in the room are selected in green and gold, and the marble that covers the bathroom is called Silver Gold.

Chardonnay room - the name of a stone in the bathroom.

Muscat Suite - occupies the northeast and southeast towers of the chateau. The furniture is made of natural leather, a round bed upholstered in natural calfskin with a crocodile print, and in front of it, the floor is covered with cow leather. One of the most ancient stones - travertine - was chosen for the bathroom. The northeast tower - comfortable oval couches and a view of the vineyard.

Two panoramic terraces from the fourth level of the chateau, a glass railing that does not stop the view to go around the vineyards, to the north the view stops on the southern slope of Stara Planina, to the south - in Sashtinska Sredna Gora. Next to the glass tasting tables, there is a marble jacuzzi, to which inviting beds for massages and relaxation peek out from the two stone towers.


Extras and amenities
Hotel Chateau Copsa, Moskovets offers you the following amenities:

outdoor pool, parking lot, restaurant, animators, security, sauna, safety deposit box, jacuzzi, room service, playground, conference hall, lobby bar, massage studio, horse riding, cafe, fire place, TV set, cable television, air conditioning, heating, refrigerator, phone, internet, bathroom/toilet, balcony, view, bath tub, iron, hair-dryer, laundry, ironing, c. card payment, business sevices, pets allowed, coffee machine, summer garden, SPA center, electric kettle
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

type places number high summer
low summer
high winter
low winter
standard room 2 5 52 € 52 € 52 € 52 € N/A
luxury room 2 5 88 € 88 € 88 € 88 € N/A
luxury apartment 3 2 108 € 108 € 108 € 108 € N/A
maisonette 3 2 129 € 129 € 129 € 129 € N/A

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