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House for guests Vegetarium, Zhelen
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address of House for guests Vegetarium, Zhelen Zhelen, Black stone area
House for guests Vegetarium, Zhelen offers 9 beds in total.

Vegetarium Community Guest Home is located in the mountain above the villages of Cerovo and Zhelen, 60 km from Sofia.

Literally Vegetarium means the best environment to grow and develop. Mountain air, calming atmosphere, healthy kitchen and activities - that's what we provide here. Vegetarium Project aims a positive transformation of the individual through science and practice in all three dimensions of the Integral approach: raising and stabilizing the consciousness, balancing the character and deepening the basic competences.

Combining rest and training, we learn practically from each other and from the Nature. You experience a balanced lifestyle principles - practices for body and mind, adequate nutrition, physical and mental labour for the biodiversity, walks and rest in nature, personal and collective creativity.

The house offers a family room and two shared rooms - for ladies and men. Shared bathroom, kitchen and main hall with a bibliotheque seating area, home made products stand and a snack bar included in the price.

Free Wi-Fi and public parking are available.

Extras and amenities
House for guests Vegetarium, Zhelen offers you the following amenities:

parking lot, tour guide, fire place, kitchen, landlords, heating, refrigerator, mini-bar, internet, bathroom/toilet, laundry, balcony, view, bath tub, iron, laundry, summer garden, electric kettle
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

type places number high summer
low summer
high winter
low winter
standard room 4 1 52 € 52 € 52 € 52 € 52 €
bed 1 2 13 € 13 € 13 € 13 € 13 €
bed 1 3 13 € 13 € 13 € 13 € 13 €

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