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Separate room Hostel number 1, Sofia
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address of Separate room Hostel number 1, Sofia Sofia, 28, Serdika Str.
Separate room Hostel number 1, Sofia offers 12 beds in total.

The hostel number 1 in Sofia, located in Sofia, 200 meters from the Banja Bashi Mosque, has a shared lounge and bar, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel is located 300 meters from the Council of Ministers building and a 5-minute walk from the presidency. The hostel has a restaurant and the Archaeological Museum is 500 meters away.

All rooms at the hostel are equipped with a kettle. A microwave is provided in all rooms.

Speaking in Bulgarian, English and Russian, staff are available to help at the 24-hour front desk.

The Ivan Vazov Theater is 800 meters from Hostel 1 in Sofia. The nearest airport is Sofia Airport, 7 km from the hotel.

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Extras and amenities
Separate room Hostel number 1, Sofia offers you the following amenities:

TV set, kitchen, cable television, internet, bathroom/toilet, microwave oven, DVD, laundry, electric kettle
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

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Separate room 2 1 30 € 30 € 20 € 20 € N/A
Separate room 4 1 58 € 58 € 44 € 44 € N/A
Separate room 6 1 80 € 80 € 59 € 59 € N/A

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