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House The Gates Guest House, Koprivshtitsa
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address of House The Gates Guest House, Koprivshtitsa Koprivshtitsa, 4, Nesho Shabanov Str.
House The Gates Guest House, Koprivshtitsa offers 7 beds in total.

Guest house The Gates

The house has two apartments, which as suggested by the name, represent a Portal to a different dimension. Going through The Gates you will find yourself in a world best described in Alice in Wonderland.

The interior of the house is full of beautiful objects dated from three hundred years till today. This is not a four or five star hotel, which looks more like a surgery, with expensive, but non-expressive furniture and boring interior. Everything in the house has been collected and arranged by a caring woman’s hand with local historical understanding.

The house is in the center of Koprivshtitsa – one of the few authentic Bulgarian Revival towns still intact. Here you will not come across an invented stone where Orpheus was supposed to have played music – you have to pay 10 euro to see this stone, put there some 60 years ago. Most of Koprivshtitsa is the same, as it was 620 years ago when the town was founded. Do not forget the United States has an age of a little over 200 years.

Entering behind The Gates you even have the choice to never exit the beautiful, original Koprivshtitsa house with all amenities – hot water, modern fridges, Wi-Fi, large screen TVs with multiple satellite channels, BBQ and a fully equipped fitness hall. In the big yard which represents an English grass meadow surrounded by flowers at the morning you can go out barefoot over the refreshing dew and drink your coffee under the shadow of a few umbrellas and an old hazel tree. During this relaxing moment, to your astonishment, on the wall – high enough to hide you from the whole world, an all-white cat will walk on the top of the fence, and will stare at you with the wisdom of his cousin from The Master and Margarita.

Opposite the entrance to the above-mentioned “The Gates” is the entrance to one of the two old churches in Koprvshtitsa, which you can visit and if you don’t believe in Alice from wonderland, or the Wise Cat, you can light a candle to the standard

Extras and amenities
House The Gates Guest House, Koprivshtitsa offers you the following amenities:

parking lot, barbeque, fire place, TV set, satellite tv, refrigerator, internet, bathroom/toilet, laundry, view, iron, kitchenette, pets allowed, coffee machine, summer garden
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

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apartment 3 1 52 € 52 € 52 € 52 € 52 €
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