House Torlashka sreshta

Vyrbovo, Vidin

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House Torlashka sreshta, Vyrbovo, Vidin
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address of House Torlashka sreshta, Vyrbovo, Vidin Vyrbovo, Vidin, 117, Parva Str.
House Torlashka sreshta, Vyrbovo, Vidin offers 30 beds in total.

Torlashka Sreshta Guest House is located in the village of Vurbovo, Chuprene municipality, in the region of Vidin. It is 4 km from Chuprene, 10 km from Belogradchik, 48 km from Montana, and 43 km from Pirot, Serbia.

The house has 7 double rooms (2 + 1 beds) and one living room with 9 beds. Each room is equipped with standard hotel facilities, a private bathroom with a shower or a shower, a 3D TV with satellite TV.

There is also a private guarded parking lot and free parking spaces in front of the house.

The house is located in close proximity to the following tourist sites of national importance / the sites are visited for an entrance fee /:

1. Belogradchik Rocks - 10 km.

2. Belogradchik fortress "Kaleto" - 10 km.

3. The Magura Cave - 35 km.

4. Kozarnika Cave - 21 km.

5. Cave "Venetsa" - 20 km.

Objects of regional importance / sites are visited without an entrance fee and under appropriate meteorological conditions /:

1. The unique medieval church "St. John the Baptist" - Vurbovo village

2. Lepenitsa cave - 5 km + 1.3 km. transition * with pre-order

3. Chacin stone Sanctuary - 10 km. with prior request

4. The "Varbov head" - 0.5 km.

5. Sanctuary of Goddess Ma - 1 km. + 1 km. steep transition with pre-order

Extras and amenities
House Torlashka sreshta, Vyrbovo, Vidin offers you the following amenities:

parking lot, tour guide, sauna, jacuzzi, barbeque, TV set, kitchen, satellite tv, air conditioning, heating, refrigerator, mini-bar, phone, internet, bathroom/toilet, microwave oven, laundry, balcony, view, radio, DVD, iron, hair-dryer, laundry, pets allowed, coffee machine, summer garden, tavern, dishwasher, electric kettle
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

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standard room 2 7 31 € 31 € 31 € 31 € 31 €
standard room 9 1 52 € 36 € 52 € 36 € 36 €

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