Family hotel Hefes

Kralevo, Haskovo

Family hotel Hefes, Kralevo, Haskovo
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address of Family hotel Hefes, Kralevo, Haskovo Kralevo, Haskovo, Bobata area
Family hotel Hefes, Kralevo, Haskovo offers 22 beds in total.

Hephaestus Hotel awaits village near Kraljevo.

At the foot of the hill Chala, in the northern slope of the Eastern Rhodopes, 23 km from the town Haskovo, 35 km from the town Kardzhali, 20 km of Arda River, 27 km from Perperikon, 30 km from Cromlech (Madzharovo), 55 km from Tatul (Momchilgrad), 70 km from Edirne, 90 km from Plovdiv, 5 km from Stambolovo.

Legend says that many years ago in this place - in Chala, from Zeus and Hera was born their son Hephaestus. Because he was disabled, his mother left him in these lands, but he grew up under the protection of his uncle and became strong and smart. It is known as God-smith craftsman and builder. He crafted after time golden throne trap for his mother. When she sat on the throne could not in any way to get out of it. Hephaestus crafted it so too and revenge. But after a while, when his mother Hera asked for forgiveness from Hephaestus, he was released by Hephaestus, and he left these areas and went to the south.

Family hotel Hephaestus is located in the beans. Area, which is known for the old people with their treatment and fertile water flowing from fountains beautifully constructed by local people, knowing the importance of the area.

Guests can enjoy entertainment such as free fishing in the pond near the family hotel Hephaestus, bicycles, eco-routes the slope and the crest of Chala. Nearby Temple turbans on more than 700 years. Still, unexplored archaeological sites are the caves of Chala. There kennel for big fish, and a reservoir for recreational fishing.

Come and see this paradise and enjoy a pleasant holiday in nature.

Extras and amenities
Family hotel Hefes, Kralevo, Haskovo offers you the following amenities:

outdoor pool, fitness centre, rent-a-bike, TV set, cable television, bathroom/toilet, balcony
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

type places number high summer
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standard room 2 8 26 € 26 € 26 € 26 € 26 €
apartment 3 2 42 € 42 € 42 € 42 € 42 €

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