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Hotel St. George, Nessebar
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Hotel St. George, Nessebar offers 20 beds in total.

Hotel St. George to come to North Beach in Old Nessebar with a view to Sunny Beach and Bay Nesebarskiya. It was built in 2000 three-star category and each room has a bathroom, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, terrace, wireless internet. There are lobby bar with a variety of brand drinks and cocktails, room service, laundry and ironing. Custom organize trips to Bulgarian village taste wines, rental car, pull and other amenities, according to custom.

Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Is the successor of the ancient Thracian settlement Mesambriya based in the second millennium BC Its name means the city (briya) of Melsa. From 510 BC by settlers has become in the Greek city-colony under the name Mesemvriya, a competitor of Apollonia on the Black Sea trade. It had a theater and a temple of the god Apollo. The town were minted silver coins and bronze, and in the third century BC - and gold. In 72 BC was occupied by a Roman garrison. In Roman times is of secondary importance. Significant role to play starts again from the III-IV c. At 680 years is the center of bishops, and in VII-VIII century - an important and well-fortified and defend the Byzantine sea base. In 812 Khan Krum conquered the town. In 864 Boris I of Byzantium him back, but king Simeon took him again. From XI century along with the name used Mesemvriya and Slavic name Mesebar or Nessebar.

In 1956 the town was declared an archaeological reserve. The remains of the ancient fortress wall with a gate of the III-IV century of Nessebar churches from V-VI century and later from the Middle Ages (X-XIV century), which are fine works of medieval Bulgarian and Byzantine architecture, 60 houses, grouped in several ensemble, give a unique appearance and special atmosphere of the city.

Welcome in Hotel St. George and feel the pleasant atmosphere, enjoy the summer sea breeze and get unforgettable memories from a great summer holiday.

Extras and amenities
Hotel St. George, Nessebar offers you the following amenities:

safety deposit box, lobby bar, cafe, TV set, cable television, satellite tv, air conditioning, heating, refrigerator, internet, bathroom/toilet, balcony, view, iron
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standard room 2 1 42 € 31 € N/A N/A N/A
luxury room 3 1 57 € 42 € N/A N/A N/A
studio 4 1 67 € 52 € N/A N/A N/A

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