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House Kavraka, Ahtopol
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phone for booking - House Kavraka, Ahtopol 0897 240835     0897 241183

address of House Kavraka, Ahtopol Ahtopol, 7, Cherno more Str.
House Kavraka, Ahtopol offers 17 beds in total.

House is quiet and prime location in the center of the Ahtopol. Ahtopol is situated on a small rocky peninsula about 500 long, 300 wide and 20 meters high is located 14 km. southeast of Tsarevo and 80 km. of Bourgas.In 1926 the town had 176 houses and 874 inhabitants, of whom 570 refugees from Eastern Thrace. In 1961 had 947 inhabitants, and now - 887.

Ahtopol has a rich ancient and medieval history. In the water area of ​​the Gulf convenient Ahtopol are exposed stone, lead and iron anchors. Stone belong to Thracian times and dates from the beginning of the I st millennium BC., Lead from the period of Greek colonization and iron are from the Roman era and the Middle Ages. Here are found the most and biggest iron from the XVII - XVIII centuries, but also the Admiralty anchors with enormous size of the last century. Derived from the territorial sea and a wooden figure of a man dressed in a tuxedo short - probably decorate the mast of a British ship of the nineteenth century

Individual finds - a stone ax and ceramic fragments - shows that Ahtopol peninsula there was a settlement as early as Neolithic and Copper Stone Age. To find traces of Thracians who lived here during the Bronze Age and early iron ages - X-VII century BC. There are layers of culture - VI-I centuries BC. In landslide near the old school open ends of amphorae from the V century decorative tiles from the IV century, decorated with egg-shaped ornament (Ionian nods). Excavations in recent years opened Hellenistic wall and Italic amphorae produced in the western Mediterranean during the first half of the first - century BC. In Ahtopol found two inscriptions in Greek language, though fragmented, we talk about the importance of the city during the V - IV century BC. Newly discovered monuments show that at the end of the V century BC. there already existed an Athenian colony , which probably bore the name Agatopolis - from the Greek words "agates" / good / and "polish"

Extras and amenities
House Kavraka, Ahtopol offers you the following amenities:

fire place, TV set, cable television, landlords, refrigerator, internet, bathroom/toilet, microwave oven, balcony, view, summer garden
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

type places number high summer
low summer
high winter
low winter
standard room 2 3 16 € 10 € N/A N/A N/A
standard room 3 1 24 € 14 € N/A N/A N/A
standard room 4 2 31 € 19 € N/A N/A N/A

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