Hotel Erma - Mountain and SPA


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Hotel Erma - Mountain and SPA, Trun
Booking information
phone for booking - Hotel Erma - Mountain and SPA, Trun 0877 814874     02460

address of Hotel Erma - Mountain and SPA, Trun Trun, 2, Georgi Dimitrov Str.
Hotel Erma - Mountain and SPA, Trun offers 68 beds in total.

Hotel Erma

Hotel Erma is a hotel complex offering rooms with spectacular views and an amazing intimate mountain retreat with health treatments and unforgettable dining experience. Its unique combination of privacy and tranquillity balances the highest level of excellence in guest service and makes it an unmatched experience. Whether you're here to quietly remove yourself from the routine or try your hand at our long list of activities, your visit at Tran Resort will be a peak experience in any case.

Hotel Erma is majestically nestled at the heart of the Rui mountains. It is surrounded by thousands of acres in the hub of recreational diversity and the majestic beauty of the Bulgarian Southwest - the setting is spectacular, and the outdoor guides are fun, interesting people who love what they do. You bask in nature in its purest and undisturbed form and we offer you the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take home the feeling.

Inspired by our own personal growth and desire to connect deeply with people interested in transformative experiences, we built Spa Hotel Erma as the ultimate getaway in an environment of serenity and beauty. Using the Inner Harmony Approach as a philosophical foundation, Erma Hotel recognizes all humans are integral beings, composed of body, mind and spirit. The carefully selected care products for genial massages and treatments are pure and natural.

We envisioned both individual and corporate getaways where people could come together with the common goal of creating peace, passion, and purpose in their lives. Our biggest reward is the compliments that we receive from guests who return to us.

Extras and amenities
Hotel Erma - Mountain and SPA, Trun offers you the following amenities:

parking lot, restaurant, SPA centre, tour guide, sauna, jacuzzi, room service, conference hall, steam bath, cafe, TV set, cable television, satellite tv, air conditioning, heating, phone, internet, bathroom/toilet, balcony, view, indoor pool, bath tub, iron, hair-dryer, c. card payment, business sevices, summer garden, SPA center
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

type places number high summer
low summer
high winter
low winter
standard room 1 10 25 € 21 € 27 € 24 € N/A
standard room 2 11 37 € 31 € 40 € 37 € N/A
standard room 3 4 54 € 45 € 55 € 54 € N/A
studio 2 4 59 € 59 € 59 € 59 € N/A

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