Hostel Lulin


Separate room Lulin, Sofia
Booking information
phone for booking - Separate room Lulin, Sofia 0885 403363     02 9832183

address of Separate room Lulin, Sofia Sofia, 35, Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd.
Separate room Lulin, Sofia offers 8 beds in total.

Lulin Hostel - top center, near the mineral springs Sofia and central halls, opposite Sheraton hotel. Surrounded by the mosque, the synagogue, and the church of St. Nedelya.

Facilities and service: Access to a furnished kitchenette. Access to 2 separate toilets and 2 private bathrooms. 24 hours hot water, cable TV, free internet access.

Free breakfast, free coffee, and tea, hairdryer and iron, automatic washing machine. The hostel has an elevator and is close to several paid parking lots. Open all year round.

Extras and amenities
Separate room Lulin, Sofia offers you the following amenities:

TV set, cable television, air conditioning, refrigerator, phone, internet, bathroom/toilet, laundry, view, iron, hair-dryer, kitchenette
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

type places number high summer
low summer
high winter
low winter
Separate room 2 1 14 € 13 € 13 € 13 € 13 €
Separate room 1 6 8 € 7 € 7 € 7 € 7 €

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