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House Encheva guest house, Koprivshtitsa
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address of House Encheva guest house, Koprivshtitsa Koprivshtitsa, 2, Vekilova Str.
House Encheva guest house, Koprivshtitsa offers 10 beds in total.

Encheva House opened its doors in 2000 and has five guest rooms. The house is a monument of culture, category - for information.

Room 1b has a lower, authentic floor height and authentic dimensions. Here you can have a candlelight dinner, sit on three-legged stools and experiment on how to sleep on a minder (the furniture includes both beds and a G-shaped minder). Room 1b and room 1a have a common anteroom and in combination with the kitchen-dining room are a great choice for a large family or for two friendly families. In rainy weather, you can watch the city from the covered terrace in front of the two rooms. Such a balcony has room 3 but is smaller.

Room 3 is suitable for a couple or for a family with one child. Room 2 can also be used by a family with two children if the sofa stretches. Room 4 has the intimacy of a room for two and the facilities for a family with a baby. The baby cot is small and can be placed in the five rooms. All rooms except No. 3 have a good view of the typical Renaissance courtyard.

The Renaissance spirit of the garden is welcomed by the gate, which, although new, reflects the tradition of Koprivshtitsa. This spirit and coziness are in the details - garden fountain, fruit trees, different seating groups, 50-year-old boxwoods, small bright flowers and the typical for Koprivshtitsa green grass like green velvet with cobblestone alleys, as well as many Renaissance living objects angles and niches.

The climate of Koprivshtitsa is harsh. The altitude is 1060 m, the average annual temperature is 6.7°C and the average July 16.9°C. Winter starts in September and ends in May. The Enchev house relies on a modern heating system with Norwegian Adax electric panels, which are centrally connected as well as the boilers. Boilers are on the ground, only in Room 4 is in one of the kitchen cabinets.

The fireplace in the barbecue is provided with dry woods, grills, skewers, utensils, and spices, for the use of which is not paid.

Extras and amenities
House Encheva guest house, Koprivshtitsa offers you the following amenities:

parking lot, barbeque, fire place, TV set, kitchen, cable television, heating, refrigerator, internet, bathroom/toilet, microwave oven, balcony, view, coffee machine, summer garden
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

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standard room 2 3 31 € 31 € 31 € 31 € 31 €
standard room 2 2 29 € 29 € 29 € 29 € 29 €

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