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Separate room Central, Sofia
Booking information
phone for booking - Separate room Central, Sofia 0886 610172    

address of Separate room Central, Sofia Sofia, 18, Kniaz Boris I Str.
Separate room Central, Sofia offers 2 beds in total.

Studio one-room type with the possibility of a bedroom or two separate beds, near NDK, VMA, Pirogov, Alexandrovska Hospital, Mother's Home and other central points of Sofia.

It is available for short-term rent /nights/ or a monthly rental of a hotel principle. It is furnished with new furniture, electric heater, central heating, tv + satellite TV, wireless internet, fridge, sot, sleeping bag, towels, slippers, utensils, etc. Opportunity to use washing machine, iron, ironing board, iron, microwave oven.

Extras and amenities
Separate room Central, Sofia offers you the following amenities:

TV set, cable television, satellite tv, air conditioning, heating, refrigerator, internet, bathroom/toilet, microwave oven, laundry, iron, kitchenette
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

type places number high summer
low summer
high winter
low winter
Separate room 2 3 21 € 21 € 21 € 21 € 21 €

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