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House Vip, Gylybovtsi
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Booking information
phone for booking - House Vip, Gylybovtsi 0896 727277     029 627557

address of House Vip, Gylybovtsi Gylybovtsi, no address indicated
House Vip, Gylybovtsi offers 12 beds in total.

ViP Guest House is located in Gulubovtsi, Slivnitsa municipality, Sofia District. The village is in a mountainous area at an altitude 776 meters. The area is famous for its clean air and ozone content similar to those in the town. Bankia, which makes it a desirable place for relaxation of people suffering from respiratory diseases. Along the village pass two rivers that separate plane from the mountainous part. Near the village were discovered artifacts from the prehistoric era.

Peace, tranquility, clean air, outdoor pool, and barbecue, will make you get away from the busy lifestyle. High-speed Internet and satellite television to 4 different operators will ensure constant awareness of things happening in the world.

The guest house is located in a secluded spot at the end of the street, in front of which magnificent views of the nearby river and unspeakable hilly formations.

Its near distance from the hectic life in the city of Sofia, only 33 km makes it a suitable place for a relaxing holiday with family and friends.

VIP guesthouse offers 5 double rooms and suites, each with standard equipment.

For your convenience Guest House VIP guests an outdoor pool, umbrellas and lounges, parking, bicycles, billiard room with bar and TV, table tennis, badminton, Wi-Fi internet, barbecue, kitchen and TV, satellite TV with 4 operator fireplace.

Extras and amenities
House Vip, Gylybovtsi offers you the following amenities:

outdoor pool, parking lot, jacuzzi, barbeque, rent-a-bike, table tennis, fire place, TV set, cable television, air conditioning, heating, refrigerator, internet, bathroom/toilet, laundry, balcony, iron, kitchenette
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

type places number high summer
low summer
high winter
low winter
house 1 12 411 € 411 € 370 € 334 € no price
standard room 2 5 75 € 75 € 65 € 59 € no price
apartment 2 1 85 € 85 € 77 € 72 € no price

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