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Hotel Arte SPA, Velingrad
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Hotel Arte SPA, Velingrad offers 0 beds in total.

Situated at the foot of the forest in glorious views and stunning scenery in an area of breezes fresh air and high ionization, Arte Spa and Park Hotel will first charm you with its picturesque alpine style and architectural elegance. A moment later you will feel the peace and quiet that captivate the senses, to immerse you in an unforgettable experience in comfort and luxury wake of vitality and a sense of ease.

Extras and amenities
Hotel Arte SPA, Velingrad offers you the following amenities:

restaurant, SPA centre, billiards, rent-a-car, sauna, jacuzzi, children's pool, rent-a-bike, table tennis, massage studio, steam bath, TV set, cable television, internet, bathroom/toilet, balcony, view, indoor pool, hair-dryer, hairdresser’s, SPA center
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standard room 2 - 80 € 80 € 80 € 80 € N/A
luxury apartment 4 - 137 € 137 € 137 € 137 € N/A

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