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Hotel Delta, Ognyanovo
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address of Hotel Delta, Ognyanovo Ognyanovo, no address indicated
Hotel Delta, Ognyanovo offers 13 beds in total.

Prices are not valid during the period of public holidays!

The Delta hotel is located 10 km from Gotse Delchev, 45 km of Bansko, 25 km from the Greek border, 8 km from village Leshten and 18 km from village Kovachevitza. Nearby is the ancient Roman town of Nicopolis Ad Nestrum that leaves unforgettable feeling in all who visit.

The hotel has its own swimming pool, the water of which is from thermal springs, used since Roman times. The climate is tempered by Mediterranean airflow and there are good conditions for a year-round spa. The mineral water is around 35°C, clear, colorless, slightly mineralized and low total hardness. It is used for the treatment of several diseases, such as neurological, bone - joint and more.

All rooms have a private bathroom, TV, telephone, central heating.

The complex has a sauna, jacuzzi, gym.

Extras and amenities
Hotel Delta, Ognyanovo offers you the following amenities:

parking lot, restaurant, fitness centre, SPA centre, sauna, jacuzzi, table tennis, TV set, heating, phone, internet, bathroom/toilet, indoor pool, SPA center
Those are total prices for the premises per night.

type places number high summer
low summer
high winter
low winter
standard room 2 1 43 € 43 € 43 € 43 € 43 €
standard room 3 1 58 € 58 € 58 € 58 € 58 €
apartment 2 1 71 € 71 € 71 € 71 € 71 €
apartment 4 1 94 € 94 € 94 € 94 € 94 €

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